A summarized list of deliverables pertaining to the 9 work packages defined for the COA-CFD project can be found below:

  1. Project Management and Reporting
    Development and maintenance of a communication and dissemination plan, online activity reports, and comprehensive project documentation at regular intervals. 
  2. Solvers & Hybridization 
    Integration of solver layers into an on-demand platform and completion of the hybridization framework for solvers.
  3. Optimisation Framework
    Implementation of derivative functionalities, reduced order models (ROMs), and optimization interfaces within the ESS software suite.
  4. Human Interaction Experience
    Deployment of a modular framework as an internal tool achieving a higher Technology Readiness Level (TRL7) and later as a customer-delivered product.
  5. On-demand Cloud Solution
    Deployment of microservices, enabling basic cloud-based simulations via a GUI, integration with GAIA-X services, and development of machine learning predictions for resource allocation and operational efficiencies in the cloud.
  6. Use case – Top Coating
    Conducting simulations integrated with design optimization processes to refine performance and utility.
  7. Use case – Cargo Bicycle
    Application-specific deliverables involving CFD results for water and dirt management in transport vehicles, optimization of delivery models, and physical testing.
  8. Use Case – CFD for renewable wind energy and water resources 
    Development and validation of applications for wind profile analysis, safety predictions in environmental engineering, and water resource management connecting above-ground and groundwater systems.
  9. Use Case – CFD for chemical reactor 
    Development, simulation, and validation of reactor models for chemical processes, enhancing design and operational efficiencies.