In a significant stride towards fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of technology, we are thrilled to announce the addition of several esteemed firms to our consortium. This expansion marks a new chapter in our journey, one that promises to bring fresh perspectives, groundbreaking ideas, and a shared commitment to excellence in the fields of automotive engineering, chemical processing, and renewable energy solutions. We warmly welcome Biosimo, Mazlite, Soda System, Dtonic Corporation, Institute for Advanced Engineering, Dohwa Engineering Co., and Unison to our collaborative network. Their expertise and innovative spirit are invaluable assets to our mission of driving technological advancements and sustainable solutions.

Biosimo will cooperate to build a software modules for CFD simulation in trickle bed chemical reactors. The main physics in the reactor includes chemical reaction, heat convection and transfer, conjugated heat transfer, pore flow through granular catalyst, and material convection and diffusion.

Mazlite provide further insides into the top coating case with their novel technology to anlyse pictures. 

All Koreans partners Soda System, Dtonic Corporation, Institue for Advanced Engineering, Dohwa Engineering Co. and Unison support to build CFD solutions for renewable energy productions in the area of wind turbines and water management. For wind turbine, the aim of the work is to develop a simulation software to assess the efficiency of wind turbine under various geological conditions, and to help selecting the optimal construction sites for turbines.

As we welcome our new partners to the consortium, we look forward to the innovative solutions and advancements that our collaboration will bring to the forefront of technology and sustainability. Together, we are not just aiming for incremental improvements; we are striving to redefine what is possible, making a tangible impact on the industries we serve and the world at large. Here’s to a future filled with collaboration, innovation, and success.

The 1st official meeting of the COA-CFD consortium took place on the 16th of January. Exciting topics were discussed and sitting together – even digitally – motivated us even more to continue working on our goals.